Flavours and frozen cakes

Ices-cream :

Almond Chocolate Milk Flower & Almond Honey & Pine Nuts Tiramisu
Amarena White Chocolate Flower of orange tree Hazelnut Pie of Overripe
Amaretto Chocolate Ginger Strawberry Candy Walnut Tutti Fruitti
Bailey's Chocolate Orange Gianduja Nougat Vanilla
Banana Chocolate Chilli Ginger Speculoos Vanilla & Meringue
Coffee Milk Jam Grand-Marnier Spice Bread Vanilla & Pink Pepper
Calisson Cookies Irish Coffee Pistachio Verbena
Cinnamon Poppy Jasmine Liquorice Violet
Capuccino Nocciolato Barre chocolait Rocher Yoghurt
Caramel Dragibus Lavender Rose Red Fruit Yoghurt
Caramel Salted Butter Pecan & Maple Syrup Malaga Zabaglione Avocat
Chewing-gum Milk Flower Iced Chestnut Stracciatella Olive
Riz au lait

Sorbets :

Apricot Lemon Griotte Chocolate Mint Pear
Pineapple Lemon & Meringue Lime Blackberry Grape Fruit
Beer Coconut Lychee Orange Green Apple
Thyme Fig Mandarin Passion fruit Rhubarb
Cacao Strawberry Mango Watermelon Rosemary
Cactus Raspberry Melon Peach Tomato - Basilic
Blackcurrant Guava Fresh Mint Pina Colada /

Frozen cakes:

County of Nice sorbet Mandarin, ice-cream Grand-Marnier, meringue, whip cream, mandarin crystallized fruits , pine nuts
Raspberry frozen cake sorbet Raspberry, ice-cream Vanilla & Meringue, whip cream
Omellette Norvégienne ice-cream Grand-Marnier, ice-cream Hazelnut & Italian Meringue
Pear Cacao sorbet Pear, sorbet Cacao, ganache, chocolate
Three Chocolate ice-cream White Chocolate, ice-cream Chocolate, sorbet Cacao
Ardéchois ice-cream Iced Chestnut, genoise
Nougat frozen cake Nougat mousse
Tiramisu Tiramisu mousse
Kouglof Rhum - Table grapes mousse coated of caramel dredged with cacao
Vacherin Vanilla Chocolate ice-cream Vanilla, ice-cream Chocolate & Meringue
Monaco ice-cream Raspberry, ice-cream White Chocolate
Small frozen ovens plates matched by bowls of ice-cream and by sorbets


Frozen cakes preparation:
Our speciality
"The County of Nice"




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